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Modern offices and homes require computers, internet links, and other data connections.

When opening a new office or building a new home, it is important to get the cables and connections right from the beginning.  It is problematic to go back after-the-fact and retrofit offices and homes. Some experience in 'real-world' situations can save troubles later.
When moving an office or renovating a building, it can be a challenge to take a operating network and set it up in a new location.  Many contractors and homeowners don't feel confident in doing this themselves.

Depot338 IT

Over twenty-five years in PC service, including over twenty years in installing and relocating networks, means Depot338 IT Services has 'seen it all' and can perform your installation quickly and efficiently.

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  • Consult, track and follow up on installation of DSL, T-1, cable and telephone service.
  • Work with architects and builders to lay out cable paths and network layouts.
  • Provide and supervise trained cable installers to install cabling.
  • Provide labor to remove old equipment from offices and move it to new offices.
  • Connect, test and troubleshoot the new or relocated network, including computers, hubs, routers, and
    wireless devices.
  • Be there on move-in day to assure all systems are functional and provide 30-day warranty
    on labor done on project.
  • Provide any necessary replacements, parts or equipment at wholesale cost, plus procurement labor.