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This page provides links to support Paragon Chat, an XMPP service that connects former City of  Heroes players

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Connect to COHTITAN FORUM for information on and download Paragon Chat

Add the QuickChat.exe MOD to your Paragon Chat for more emotes, combat moves, mission maps and a new Zone! 
IMPORTANT! Look for a link for QuickChat.exe in the top article. All the other install info should not be necessary with the new improved installer!

COHTitan Forum List of Activities in Paragon Chat

Connect to thecaperadio.com Website.  They supported the COH Community even when there was no Paragon Chat!  See current events and the broadcast schedule and the times and dates of DJ shows in Paragon Chat. We have thecaperadio.com DJs in-game almost every day! 

Connect to COHTITAN FORUM for the City of Heroes Forum

Display your Groups! Since you can multitoon in PChat, show off your SGs, hero teams, or whatever groups you have made in Paragon Chat:      PCHAT GROUPS

Do you have an explanation for why all your toons are called by your Global? I do! : POSTAL


See an Alphabetical List of all PChat Emotes 

See the Catgrrl Brigade Guide to PChat Macros  

See the Paragon Wikia List of Slash Commands  

See the work-in-progress on Plaver Bases!

See pictures of TheCapeRadio shows in the 'Catgrrl Brigade Supports TheCapeRadio.com' thread in the Titan Forums:  FORUM LINK

OPTIONAL: Click here to get Bitter's QuickChat additions -
requires working Quickchat.exe MOD from above ( updated  to add the Dual Pistol and Street Justice combat emotes discovered by new user Alcatraz! Thanks, Alcatraz!  -- 04/23/2018)

Multitooning: With a newer PC and plenty of memory you can run multiple instances of PChat. Set up scenes, be everyone in a room, make RP locations.  Click here for instructions.


Most folks are on between 5PM and 11PM (Eastern Time)  

The most people weekly are in-game during live DJ shows (thecaperadio.com [www.thecaperadio.com] and Save COH Radio [ https://www.facebook.com/savecohradio] .  We have live DJs in-game three or four times a week. They normally are in Pocket D or in Atlas. https://www.cohtitan.com/forum/index.php?topic=12086.msg   Also others at random.
Check with folks in-game (or the Discord 'programming-notes' thread) to see when to expect them.

The very most people are in Paragon Chat during the [roughly] Quarterly Events 

About once a quarter we have get-togethers (Events).  We get over 100 visitors on those nights!

CapeRadio Channel  (NEW! Discord Channel)

The best place now to see other COH folks is TheCapeRadio.com's Discord channel.  There are often 40-50 folks on there at night! DISCORD channel has pretty much replaced the original IRC channel.  If you already use Discord, go to www.thecaperadio.com/chat    to get the invite!   If you don't already have Discord, gGo to https://discordapp.com to download the program. Install and run Discord and then go to  tinyurl.com/CapeDiscord to apply for invite.

In either case, once you get into Discord, contact a DJ (look for a green circle - they are the ones currently on line) to invite you to the General channel where everyone hangs out.

 Travel and Costumes

All the trams, Facemakers, Icons, tailors and doors work. Binds and macros work now. If you will look in the Powers button (above the power bar) you will find new travel powers. Drag them into your power bar. You have 10 costume slots with unlimited edits, so go nuts with your suits!
There are CCs about once a week here in Atlas. Costume Contests are generally Thursday evenings (barring holidays), 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern, in Atlas Park. Themes are posted on Facebook and the cohtitan Paragon Chat Activities thread.

Instant Zone Transport

New toons will have a grey icon in their Power Bar (it looks kind of like the TP button).  Click that for instant transport. If you have old toons, here's a macro to help you get around: "/macro PCTA mapmenu" After you press ENTER, click the new button you just made. (It should appear in your Power Bar.) Cool, yes ?

IMPORTANT: QuickChat.exe Mod

CodeWalker and his crew are constantly working to give us new features. There is an mod that adds instant travel, emotes, combat moves, costume changes, and access to a new Zone! You have to exit PChat and COH to install it.
Takes about 30 seconds to install.  See Item #2 on the left Menu on this page! IMPORTANT! Look for a link for QuickChat.exe in the top of the articles. All the other install info should not be necessary with the new improved installer!



If you have changed computers since COH went away, try Ultra mode!  Newer PCs can often run Ultra with no special set up.  The difference can be amazing!
With PChat Ver 1.09, we now have the beginnings of a power system! You can affect other players and the NPCs! Badges work now and some glowies work!  Bases are in process, {testing version}but not yet released to the main version yet.

I'm crashpositron in chat and Forums. Feel free to call on me! I hope the information helps!

Click here to see Catgrrl Brigade's favorite webcomic     Yes, 'Riotgrrls' and this comic is where we got 'grrl' from! 

Welcome Home™ !